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Coat Check

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Mar 29, 2024

Coat Check

If you leave a coat on that chair, it becomes a part of the nest. That's just how it is! I don't make the rules.

See you on Monday with our next comic, team!


Mar 27, 2024


I am not even sure why I did this. I think... I think I just wanted to see if I could.

This is, of course, an inverted version of Monday's comic. And yes, in case you're thinking of asking... cartoon dogs CAN smear photos with their noses. If you don't believe me, you probably have just never met a cartoon dog in real life before.

See you on Friday, everyone!


Mar 25, 2024

Contributing Artist

Sometimes, Dipper helps with my comics. Whether I want him to or not! (But in this case, I did.)

See you on Wednesday with our next comic!