SAM & FUZZY, by Sam Logan (updates M/W/F)


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Apr 10, 2024


Sometimes the magic of art is sparked by working within the limitations you're given. Uh, or something.

See you on Friday with our next comic!


Apr 8, 2024

Worlds Collide

3 vs 3! Just like Marvel Vs Capcom 2.  I hope Fuzzy isn't too offended. I promise I don't think of him as Sam's dog! He's just approximately the right size. Honest!

Anyhoo, I'll see y'all on Wednesday with our next comic. 'til then, team!


Apr 5, 2024

Is That For Poppy

Ah, yes... the bag inspector has arrived. Not sure what this saxaphone thing is, but it's gotta be some kind of dog toy, right?

See you on Monday with our next comic, team!