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Dog Content

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Apr 15, 2024

Dog Content

Since I was busy wrapping up a project with a major deadline, I put together this unusual but somewhat on-topic comic for you today.

The actual illustration in there is some art I drew for Patreon last winter, when I asked backers for suggestions of what my characters could get for Christmas! Someone suggested Vulfie could get a dog trainer, and this was how I chose to interpret that.

So yes, not only is the in-comic Sam's idea for a "dog-themed" comic kind of off-base... it's also only half his idea! What a hack, eh?

Anyhoo, see you on Wednesday with our next comic, team!


Apr 12, 2024

Draggin' On

Howdy, everyone! Your old pal Sammy had some pretty major deadlines popping up this week, so I decided to go a little easy on myself today and run something from "the archives" today featuring Alicia and Jess Star.

This comic was originally made as a Patreon backer bonus early this year! It is perhaps not as seasonally appropriate today... although then again, it's just as much the Year of the Dragon now as it was then!

See you on Monday, everyone. 'til then!


Apr 10, 2024


Sometimes the magic of art is sparked by working within the limitations you're given. Uh, or something.

See you on Friday with our next comic!