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Jun 26, 2024


I just assume this is what Dipper is thinking about most of the time. Sorry about your little legs, Dip! It was so your ancestors could herd cattle. Really, it's very nice of him not to bite all our ankles.

See you on Friday with our next comic!


Jun 24, 2024

Trick Shot

Poor Dipper. That fourth wall can be pretty fickle! (If you'd like to revisit my previous Poppy and Dipper comics, you'll find a bunch of 'em starting here.)

See you all on Wednesday with our next comic!


Jun 21, 2024


The thing I have been crunching away at this week is new shirt designs! The ones I'm making are: none of these. But perhaps you will get a kick out of these rejected shirt ideas from previous year's brainstorming sessions.

Prepping for the summer con season gets more and more time consuming every year! This is partly self-inflicted, as I try to come up with bigger and better swag each year. Plus, I'm probably getting old and slow. But I've got my new line-up of goodies all ready now and sent off to get manufactured. (And don't worry, it'll all be available online later, too!)

Anyhoo, see you on Monday, team!