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Guest: David Tekiela

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Nov 15, 2004

Today's guest strip by

Comet 7's Dave Tekiela

A message and some words to call your own

Dave Tekiela is frequently a man of large pixels, but today's strip (and occassionaly his own comic) shows that he has a firm handle on the smaller variety, as well. Dave's strip for us today is the kind that gets funnier and funnier every time you read it... even if it is a touch more disturbing than this comic usually gets. I mean, killing off one of a comic's major cast members in a guest strip? How rude! What kind of cartoonist does that?

What a week of purchasable entertainment this is shaping up to be! In the next five days, Metroid Prime 2, Half-Life 2, Alien Hominid, Viewtiful Joe 2 and the new edition of The Iron Giant on DVD will all be landing in stores. I definitely won't be buying them all at once, but honestly, I probably shouldn't be buying any of them until I get this Christmas special finished!

Sam Logan

Nov 13, 2004

Today's second guest strip by

Able and Baker's Jim Burgess

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Secondly, we have a comic from Jim Burgess, a man who usually spends his days drawing cartoon monkeys and sheep doing funny things. It looks like he could have a lucrative second career in marketing. Jim's comic has a little something we like to call "synergy."

Yeah, I don't know either.

Sam Logan

Nov 12, 2004

Today's first guest strip by

Radioactive Panda's Eric A. Johnson

Last chance to dance trance

Yes, today is the last day to order I'm Capitalism and I'm Communism shirts, as well as all hoodies, babydoll and long-sleeved ts in our other designs. Today is also the last day you have to hear me talking about it. Excitement!

O-GAWD continues today with a double-dose of Skull Panda madness! First, Eric A. Johnson, the man behind the skillfully crafted and perversely amusing Radioactive Panda, ushers Skull Panda into the real world... uh, sort of. Eric's comic may be new to you, and that's a shame. You should already be reading it. I mean, seriously!

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