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Guest: Scott Bevan and Kent Earle

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Nov 18, 2004

Today's guest strip by

White Ninja's Scott Bevan and Kent Earle

Go horsey!

The penultimate O-GAWD is brought to you by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle, the two madmen behind White Ninja. I suppose the inspired insanity of WN is the kind of thing one either loves or hates, but I'm firmly in the first camp and I sincerely hope you all are too! Also, in a strange-but-true twist, I once had a birthmark in that very same location! But I never mentioned that to Scott and Kent before, so perhaps they are telepathic.

There is still one more day of O-GAWD to go... a day that will harbour some comicing artistry unlike anything you've ever seen on this site. I hope you all enjoy it!

Now, I must go return to working on this years Christmas special, instead of wasting my precious work time jumping back and forth between Half-Life 2 and Metroid Prime 2. Who's idea was it to relase both of those games in the same week, anyhow?

Sam Logan

Nov 17, 2004

Today's guest strip by

Instant Classic's Brian Carroll

Under the wire

Today's update arrives a couple of hours later than usual, but rest assured, those extra hours were time well spent... Brian was just putting the finishing touches on today's guest strip tour-de-force. If you've read Instant Classic before -- and if you haven't you should -- you are already familiar with Brian Carroll's creative mastermindery. You are also probably familiar with Litchfield. Who knew he and Rikk would play off each other so well?

I sure have gotten a lot of questions about yesterday's strip! Some people have been asking if I drew it, which I can honestly say I did not. Meanwhile, other readers are asking why Rikk's most recent work strongly resembles the brilliant art of Wigu's Jeff Rowland. Now that is a good question!

Sam Logan

Nov 16, 2004

Today's guest strip by

Skull Panda's Rikk Estoban

Brain worms

Surprise! Today's guest strip was brought to you by the always controversial Rikk Estoban. If nothing else, he is certainly a versatile artist. His previous work wasn't entirely disimilar to my own. However, I think this strip's art reminds me more of another webcartoonist's work. I just can't quite place my finger on which one.

I can't link you to Rikk's website because he hasn't finished building it yet. He says that it's because you "can't rush real art," but between you and me, I think he's just a bit of a slacker. Don't worry, when Rikk finally launches his online home, I will definitely hook you up.

As I mentioned yesterday, a new DVD edition of the Iron Giant was released today! I haven't got my copy yet, but I will soon. I'm really hoping that lots of people will pick up this vastly underappreciated gem of animation now that director Brad Bird has made his name with a newer, more popular flick. Which new flick? I don't know, something about a family of computer-animated superheros, maybe you've heard of it?

Sam Logan