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Fuzzy-Brand™, Pt. 4

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Oct 4, 2002

Wow. Readership was through the roof this week! A million thanks to all those arriving from Wigu; it's been a blast to see my little hit counter get so huge so fast. I suppose there's no way of knowing how many of those readers are going to be coming back next week, but I suppose we'll see! And for those of you who DO like the comic, please keep spreading the word. Every time someone new starts reading the comic, I get one step closer to my dream of world domination.

See you all next week!

Sam Logan

Sep 30, 2002

Jeffrey J. Rowland, author of Wigu, informs me that he will quite possibly be linking to me from his site this week. In addition to being my new best friend, Jeff draws a pretty damn funny comic. All six of my existing readers should go check it right now.

In other news, there is a new Ben Folds album coming out a week from tuesday, and I am rife with anticipation... whatever that means.

Sam Logan

Sep 27, 2002

Sam Logan