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Crushed, Pt. 3

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Dec 3, 2004

Where have all the professors gone?

Believe the banner: Today is the last day of guaranteed Christmas-time delivery on all shirts in ze shop. Orders throughout next week will probably make it, especially if you live in North America, but my distributor can't promise it. We'll do our best, though!

But it isn't, by any means, too late to order an art commission. A couple people have already got me drawing original artwork for x-mas gifts or cards, but I have enough free time that I think I can take on a couple more if needed. My prices have gone up a wee bit since I last updated that page -- blame the ever-decreasing worth of the American dollar in Canadia -- but don't let that discourage you. Just email me for a quote.

I have two words for you: Alien Hominid. Holy smokes this game is fun. I know there are a lot of bigger console titles getting released for the holidays, competing for your time... but if you don't play this game this Christmas, I'm going to be as upset as I was when you didn't play Beyond Good and Evil last Christmas.

Sam Logan

Dec 1, 2004


Well, Alexa certainly has a different idea about what women want than either Sam or Andrea, doesn't she? But just between you and me: next time someone tries to let you in on "what women really want," tune right out and think about... I don't know, gardening or whatever. There is no one secret, trust me. Everyone is different. If all women were identical robot automotons, there would be an instruction manual. Which of course wouldn't help at all, because no man would read it.

GET IT? I made a joke about men not reading the manual! Wasn't that totally fresh and sensational? Men are all so dumb! HAHAHAHAHA!

It's December 1st, which... as the shop logo says, is the last day of gauranteed x-mas delivery for t-shirt orders. Though in all honesty, as long as you order by Friday your shirts should arrive in time. Unless you live in a Peruvian pit or something. But orders in the USA ship quicker, so all you Americans have an extra week or so to mull over any purchasing decisions.

Sam Logan

Nov 29, 2004

Down by the Rosemary and Cameron

The second season of Six Feet Under finally premiered in Canada on Showcase tonight. Talk about a massive delay... they are already on to season four on HBO! I really can't complain, though. If I was really hardcore, I would have already watched the entire second season on DVD by now. But holy smokes, HBO, I can't pay you $100 (Canadian) for a thirteen episode set, even if it IS one of the best television shows in the history of... uh, television.

Congratulations to Jim Burgess, whose hillarious webcomic, Able and Baker, broke the monumental 200-strip barrier... a week ago. I meant to mention this last week, but apparently I'm almost as slow at linking as I am at answering my email. (Sorry about that too, by the way.) So please, enjoy the funny comics about the sheep and monkey while I get back to replying to emails from October. Yeek!

Sam Logan