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Dec 20, 2004

I don't mind, I have no mind

Now that First Noel is ALL OVER, I've put up a page in the features section where you can read the entire thing on one single webpage and give your mousewheel finger a serious workout. The previous year's Christmas specials are in there as well, ready to be enjoyed by you or anyone else at this seasonally appropriate time.

Also, my friend Frank has used the images from the Christmas cards I made last year to whip up a pretty slick e-card system. I considered making and selling the actual paper cards again, but honestly, the thought of spending hours folding another several hundred cards was enough to convince myself out of it. I guess I could have given out the high-res artwork to any donators who'd like to print their own, but instead, I've gone the completely electronic and non-profitable route. Enjoy!

Sam Logan

Dec 17, 2004

Just the two of us

And so concludes Sam and Fuzzy: First Noel! I've had this story in the back of my head for almost as long as I have been maintaining this website, so it feels great to finally have it done and out there for people to read. I hope you all enjoyed this little look into Sam and Fuzzy's formative years. Feel free to channel your reactions into my email inbox or the site message board.

Drawing a long-form comic was a refreshing break from the norm. But now it is completed, and I have returned to the short-strip format with unbridled passion and rejuvenated brains. I'm not taking any kind of break for the holidays, so business as usual begins anew Monday and continues indefinitely, on and on, like a sentence that never ends, or a horse that can't stop running.

A horse named... Hidalgo.

Sam Logan

Dec 15, 2004

He's got eight cars and a house in Ireland

Milestone alert! Questionable Content has hit comic number 250. Jeph downplays this as a mere "arbitrary number", but come on... as arbitrary numbers go, it is a really big and pleasant sounding one! I'd tell you all to read Jeph's fine work it if I thought there was anyone left on the internet who wasn't already doing so. Let's just say that QC definitely knows how to "bring the readers!"

And speaking of Dayfree comic milestones, No Fourth Wall to Break's Chris Whetstone has returned from his hiatus and is now barrelling towards his 300th comic. He's also in the process of moving his site, but the archives and so on should be completely moved over soon.

Meanwhile, on the "good news for people who like bad news" front, Jeff Rowland has decided to wrap up his much-beloved Wigu. Well, it's not really bad news as such, since we all know Jeff's next project will be at least as good, if not even better. The man has a track record people. I'm very excited to see what he has up his sleeve.

First Noel concludes on Friday. See you then!

Sam Logan