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Dec 29, 2004

She loves your electric dumplings

It never ceases to surprise me just how much this website's daily visitor count drops during the week or so surrounding Christmas. Several other authors of webcomics big and small have mentioned to me that the same thing always happens to them around this time of year. Perhaps this is an indication of just how many folks read our comics while they are at the office! Glad to see everyone is working hard.

Fuzzy may not care about the outside world, but... well, Fuzzy is kind of a dick. I think most of us are following the news pouring out of Southern Asia. It is almost impossible to wrap your mind around a disaster of this magnitude. I know the old saying about one death being a tragedy and a thousand being a statistic, but I don't think anyone can be that indifferent when they turn on their televisions and see what is really happening over there. There's no option to be blissfully ignorant of the details on this one. If you want to help out, even in a small way, you probably can't go wrong with the United Nations or the Red Cross.

Sam Logan

Dec 27, 2004

Wandered around with nothing more than time on my hands

I'm back! I hope you all enjoyed Rikk's special... uh... thing on Friday. I also hope you had a wonderful Christmas, or if it is not your thing, a pretty good Saturday.

I was lucky enough to be given a copy of Flight, the much-hyped (and deservingly so) comic anthology spearheaded by Boltcity's Kazu Kibuishi. It's a gorgeous book, and an intimidating one to give a young cartoonist. The work is of such an enviously high calibur, and most of these artists are only a couple of years older than myself. Vera is even younger. Young artists, you will be motivated to either work much harder or quit and take up accounting. There is some truly wonderful stuff in there, and I eagerly await volume II.

I got some other great gifts as well, but unfortunately, no one was able to find me a reasonably-priced copy of the first Traveling Wilburys album. Somehow, it manages to be out of print despite the fact that it features some of the most famous musicians of the last fifty years. What the hell, people!

Sam Logan

Dec 24, 2004


Ho, ho, ho, jackasses.

So, Sam wanted to take the day off to spend the holidays "with his family" (read: at the track). Fortunately for you all, I am here to fill in. You have never been so lucky.

My work may be too hard, too real for your diluted minds to comprehend, but that isn't anything that I'm not already used to. For those who just can't take what I'm dishing out, there are three years worth of Sam's Christmas specials in the Features section to distract yourself back into your usual state of blissful ignorance.

Sam required that I mention he wishes a happy holiday to all those who celebrate it. What a softie, eh? Sad, really!