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Getting to Know You, Pt. 5

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Apr 6, 2005

We've got the fire but does it mean anything

Top Five Possible Reasons Why Those Two Cans Got Mixed Up:

5. Fuzzy set the knock-out gas down on the bakery counter while attempting to "liberate" oppressed pastries.

4. Mr. Knock-out Gas and Mrs. Whipped Cream traded places because they were starring in a wacky fish-out-of-water reality television show called "Spray Swap."

3. Super Squeeze Dairy Corporation and Industrial Aerosol Immobilizers are outsourcing to the same packaging company.

2. The whipped cream always had the power to be knock out gas. But she wouldn't have believed me. She had to find out for herself.

1. The cans were swapped by a horse. A horse named... Hidalgo.

See you on Friday!

Sam Logan

Apr 4, 2005

Make sure it's got a big trunk

Sin City kicked my ass. I followed every step of the film's production -- gobbling up every last leaked frame and teaser trailer -- but on opening night I was still floored by how accurately it captured the style of Miller's comics.

Unsurprisingly, some critics are having the same sort of struggles with the film that others had with the original books. And sure, if you're in the habit of looking for messages in films, the unapologetic violence and amorality of this one is probably pretty disturbing. But Sin City is a tribute to a genre and nothing more. There is no message, no connection to to the real world, no moment that is intended to tell us anything about ourselves. It's entertainment because it is so alien. A perversely fascinating place to visit, maybe, but no one wants to live there.

The new Reel Big Fish album lands tomorrow. Finally!

Sam Logan

Apr 1, 2005

The business end will turn every friend to an enemy

I hope no one is terribly disappointed that I didn't do an April Fools Day joke this year. By the time I remembered what day it was, it was too late to come up with anything that could top what I did last year. So, no joking this time! I'm afraid that the mood at Sam and Fuzzy today is the same as it always is: absolute deadpan seriousness.

Here's a telling annecdote. After Wednesday's rant, I did not recieve a single complaining about my characterization of Sony's Playstation consoles as shoddily built and frequently defective. I did, however, recieve multiple emails from people whose brand new PSPs are broken. The legacy continues!

Speaking of Sony, it looks like a 24 videogame is headed for the PS2. Is it too much to ask for a television-liscence-based game that doesn't suck? At least it looks nice. I swear, that 3D model of Jack is only a hacksaw away from the real deal.

Sam Logan

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