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Getting to Know You, Pt. 13

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Apr 25, 2005

For every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you

I'm finally working on the Can't Dance t-shirt. I was also thinking of doing a shirt featuring Butcher the cat, since folks have been requesting one for ages. The question is... what exactly should the image be? A shot of Butcher on his own is probably too small and too dull for a shirt. Personally, I was considering an adaption of the fourth panel of this comic, but perhaps you have other ideas! Let my email address be your sounding board.

The first episode of the new season of Family Guy -- airing in a week but already floating around online -- is great. It's hardly the best episode in the show's history, but man, does it ever feel nice to see the Griffins in action again. Let's hope Sunday's episode of American Dad can live up to the half hour that preceeds it.

The new Ben Folds disc, Songs for Silverman, drops tomorrow! It is a fantastic piece of work from beginning to end, with some of the man's most complex and gorgeously crafted songs to date. It's also blissfully free of the over-production that plagued his previous CD. If you are a person who enjoys intelligent pop music, I urge you to pick this up.

Sam Logan

Apr 22, 2005

So hard for a soul to survive

I am not the kind of person to say bad things about my fellow webcartoonists. But let me tell you something about Jeph Jacques. While I was walking down the street the other day, I came across a penniless little orphaned girl with a dirty pink dress and an ice cream cone. Just then, two men approached her and started laughing. The first man took the ice cream from her hand, while the second threw sample AOL CDs at her face until she ran away crying. The first man then proceeded to eat the poor girls ice cream, right there on the street. That first man, my friends, was Jeph Jacques. And the second man -- the man who threw those CDs so heartlessly -- was also Jeph Jacques. True story.

Thank you for all the nice words about the new reader's guide. It took much longer to make than it should have!

I think I may need to break down and get an Xbox. The idea makes me feel like a bit of a sucker, because there is almost certainly a price drop coming after Microsoft's new system launches later this year. But that Psychonauts looks damn tempting, and I just can't see myself playing a platformer on the PC, or an uglier version on the PS2. Plus, I've been wanting to play through Jet Set Radio Future again for some time now, and there are a handful of other titles I wouldn't mind having a look at. But maybe I can wait it out until that big black and green box comes down in price. Considering I've got both a big move and a trip to Comic-con in my near future, I should be at least reasonably thoughtful about my budget!

Sam Logan

Apr 20, 2005

Don't Panic

The planets have aligned, hell has frozen over and I have updated the Reader's Guide. My eventual intent is to have individual character profiles that are brought up by clicking the images. But for now, at least we have a guide that provides an up-to-date recap of what the heck is going on in this comic. Hopefully this will help new readers feel a little less confused.

Monday was a fine day for webcomics in a pair of ways. First, Wigu returned, and there was much rejoicing. I guess Jeff missed them as much as the rest of us did. Second, Tycho brought us a solo comic and accompanying rant. There is just something so delicious about how one of the most popular webcomics ever has some of the most literate, verbose, dictionally complex writing in the medium. I mean, where else does that happen? Television? Film?

My arch nemesis Jeph is trying to trick me by saying nice things about my comic today. But I am not fooled, Jeph! I may in turn tell my readers that QC is an imensely entertaining, must-read slice-of-life in webcomic form, but I am actually just lulling you into a false sense of security. WATCH YOUR BACK.

Sam Logan