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May 13, 2005

Humming the bassline

A few of you have asked me about the ambiguous-sounding "big move" I have been mentioning idly for the last few weeks. Well, here is the scoop: Claire and I have finally got an apartment of our very own, and we are moving in on June 1st. The rent is going to be a little bit higher than I've been paying, but I think this place is worth it. Swanky!

Anyhow, we're trying to eliminate some possessions to help free up space and fund the move. If you are interested, I've put up an ebay auction for a Nintendo Gamecube. Included with the system are Mario Kart, Metroid Prime and F-Zero GX. (I've also got a drawing -- of Fuzzy biting Mario's head -- that I'd be happy to throw in if the person who buys this thing wants it.) If you are a long-time reader, you're already familiar with how awesome I think that system and those three games are. But between Claire and I, we have two of each. I'm an obsessive collector, but not that obsessive.

In other news, reader Lucas TdS just dropped me a line to tell me that he got Sam and Fuzzy a Wikipedia entry. Neat!

Sam Logan

May 11, 2005


Dismembered human body parts never make good romantic gifts. Just ask Vincent Van Gogh!

If you ever get the chance, nab a copy of the book "Who Censored Roger Rabbit." It's out of print now, but if you're lucky, you'll stumble across it in a used book store like I just did. I first read it ages ago, when the film had just been released and my local library still had a copy of the book. I'd been dying to read it again, but only now did I finally have the chance.

It's just a fascinating book for fans of the film to read. The plot is completely different. The cast is mostly the same, but their personalities are not. And it's a great read. Sure, it's no masterpiece -- the high concepts suffer from clunky execution, and the writing is full of bad detective cliches. But man, the ideas in this book... they were great, and a surprisingly large number of them made it into the film. Gary K. Wolfe sure had one heck of an imagination.

And clunky or not, the little world he built sure led to some amazing scenes. It's too bad that the final scene in the book wouldn't have worked at all with the film's plot, because it's one of the best closers I've ever read. I don't want to spoil it, so let's just say that Roger was a very different character before he hit celluloid.

Sam Logan

May 9, 2005

Like any cut-off diseased hand, she'll come flopping back

24 airs tonight, as usual. It's nice to be excited about it again, because the third quarter of this season was pretty awful. Sure, 24 is always ridiculous. But with this show, there's two kinds of ridiculous: the good kind (implausibly complex multi-level conspiracies) and the bad kind (amnesia, cougars, "hacking the internet"). Fortunately, it looks like we're through the mid-season lull now -- the last two episodes were great, and it looks like they've set up one heck of a story arc for the remainder of the season. Don't let me down, Kief!

Americans! I just found out that you guys can finally enjoy the rock stylings of Danko Jones without spending horrifying import prices... "We Sweat Blood" has been released in the USA! This was one of my favourite albums of 2003, so let me tell you about Danko Jones. Danko Jones loves to "rock." Danko Jones wishes that there were "80 seconds in a minute" and "90 minutes in an hour," so that he could rock even more than he already does. Danko Jones also loves both "the ladies" and "living in the city," and would really like to "burn in hell with you." If this sounds good to you, please buy his album. It rocks.

Sam Logan