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Tiny Miracles, Pt. 3

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May 20, 2005

Trouble keeps you running faster

At least there is one new Sonic game that doesn't make me want to cry: Sonic Gems Collection. I've been hoping for a collection of Sonic's lesser known games for ages, and this one has almost everything I could have asked for. Sonic CD, Sonic R, and even Sonic the Fighters will be included. The only other titles I wish were in there are Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Pocket Adventure. (Well, and that ancient Segasonic arcade game that you controlled with a trackball like Marble Madness, but that's extremely wishful thinking.) Still, I'm sure at least Chaotix will be included as an unlockable. Maybe I'm just a big Sonic nerd, but it's going to be really neat to have pretty much every Sonic significant Sonic game ever all on one console.

How do you guys feel about Google Ads? I personally like them: they're relatively innocuous, and generally pretty good about being contextually relevant. I know some folks who have had good success with them, so I was thinking of giving them a shot. If I did, I'd just be putting a couple in the black space below this rant space. Just a thought!

Sam Logan

May 18, 2005

Turnips with faces

So, all three of the nex-gen consoles have been unveiled in some capacity, but none of them have made much of an impact on me. Maybe it's just because it is being launched so soon after the original, but the Xbox 360 is not bringing the kind of radical leap forward in graphics that I've come to expect from a new generation of consoles. Do the videos and screenshots of Perfect Dark Zero and Ghost Recon 3 really look significantly better than Xbox titles like Conker or SC: Chaos Theory? I was pretty underwhelemed. The PS3 stuff looks a bit more advanced, but there's a lot less of it and much of it appears to be actual in game footage.

And as for the Nintendo Revolution... people already seem to have a lot of strong opinions about it, which is kind of funny considering all Nintendo showed us was the system's casing. The online service sounds cool -- it'll let you download and play Nintendo games ranging from the Cube all the way back to the NES -- but it doesn't say much about what the new games will be like. I am looking forward to finding out more about the actual console itself -- what it does, how it does it and what the games will be. But Nintendo seems to be keeping a lid on it for now.

Speaking of Nintendo, my Gamecube ebay auction ends sometime on Thursday night. Like I promised before, if the buyer is a reader, as an extra thingy I will throw in a drawing I did the other day of Fuzzy biting Mario on the head. I like you guys better than other humans.

Sam Logan

May 16, 2005

All the love in the world

Be warned... this is probably one of the weirder storylines I've done. I think you'll enjoy it all the same, though. I know I like it! But then, I am madly in love with everything I've ever said or done.

On Friday night, I saw Unleashed -- or as I like to call it, "Jet Li Finally Makes a Good English-Language Movie." Sure, it requires a pretty giant leap-of-faith to accept the film's most basic premise: that Li's character could ever have been raised to behave like a dog. But that doesn't make the premise any less interesting. Ultimately, the performances make it work. Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins are two of my favourite actors, and Li is given a character broad and simple enough to suit his limited English acting abilities. The fight scenes are great, too. Sure beats the hell out of The One.

The Gamecube Ebay auction seems to be going well! But ebay can't work for everything. Claire and I have got a few things that we'd need to sell/give to someone else who actually lives in Victoria. In particular, Claire would really like to sell her second bearded dragon and tank to someone who would take good care of him. He's a good lizard, although he's a little grumpy right now because he is shedding!

Sam Logan