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Tiny Miracles, Pt. 5

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May 25, 2005

Non-stop disco, bet you it's Nabisco, bet you didn't know

Kristofer Straub has launched a brand-new webcomic this week called Starshift Crisis, and I am expecting great things. Straub's other comic, Checkerboard Nightmare, is criminally under-read; not because it doesn't have a decent-sized following, but because it deserves to have one the size of Florida. I suppose the subject matter does limit the audience somewhat. But I don't think that will be the case with Crisis. It's got a great look and a killer premise, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where he goes with it.

In related news, it looks like Straub and a few other Keenspot ex-pats have formed a new webcomic group called Blank Label Comics. Now, I realize these sorts of independent webcomic groups are all over the place these days -- heck, I'm part of one myself -- but don't write them off as another me-too operation. These six guys are seriously talented and their comics are definitely worth your time.

Sam Logan

May 23, 2005

Free coffee at the banks

Tonight is the season finale of 24. Hopefully, it will be on par with this season's best, and not this season's worst. It really could go either way. I don't think this show has ever been as hit-or-miss as it was this year!

A surer thing is the new Gorillaz album that is being released tomorrow. There is nothing hit-or-miss about this CD. Considering how many different genres of music it dabbles in, this is no small feat! Also, the song "November Has Come" becomes incredibly hillarious if you try to imagine that the talented lisping rapper MF-Doom is actually Edgar from 24. It is surprisingly easy to picture chubby, grumpy Edgar taking a break from reviewing the hourlies to bust a few rhymes.

Sam Logan

May 20, 2005

Trouble keeps you running faster

At least there is one new Sonic game that doesn't make me want to cry: Sonic Gems Collection. I've been hoping for a collection of Sonic's lesser known games for ages, and this one has almost everything I could have asked for. Sonic CD, Sonic R, and even Sonic the Fighters will be included. The only other titles I wish were in there are Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Pocket Adventure. (Well, and that ancient Segasonic arcade game that you controlled with a trackball like Marble Madness, but that's extremely wishful thinking.) Still, I'm sure at least Chaotix will be included as an unlockable. Maybe I'm just a big Sonic nerd, but it's going to be really neat to have pretty much every Sonic significant Sonic game ever all on one console.

How do you guys feel about Google Ads? I personally like them: they're relatively innocuous, and generally pretty good about being contextually relevant. I know some folks who have had good success with them, so I was thinking of giving them a shot. If I did, I'd just be putting a couple in the black space below this rant space. Just a thought!

Sam Logan