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Jun 13, 2005

Poison Oaky

Yikes! I just checked my inbox and I have unanswered emails dating back as far as March! I knew I was behind, but I had no idea I was that behind. I'll do my best to at least make a dent into this thing by the end of the week. I know there is going to come a time when I just won't be able to answer every email anymore, but I'd like to keep it up for as long as I can.

The things you loved as a child don't always hold up so well. I mean, POG? What was I thinking? But Batman: The Animated Series... I've been watching it on DVD for the last few days, and it's every bit as dark, dramatic, tightly written and lushly animated as I remembered. I have no idea how these first season episodes ever got made, let alone made in such a massive quantity with such high production values. Serious superhero shows like this may be a dime a dozen now, but back in early ninties, it took some serious marbles to put a show like Batman: TAS on the air.

That's right... MARBLES.

Sam Logan

Jun 10, 2005

I don't agree to that greed of that kind

What will become of Fuzzy and Chompy now? Time will tell. You're free to speculate, but it sounds like folks are already too busy speculating what will happen to Sam. I probably find this forum thread more entertaining than I should.

My friend and Dayfree Press comrade David T has just launched a new webcomic. Now, in addition to his duties as the author of Comet 7, David will be busy chronicling the adventures of Kristy vs. the Zombie Army. Meanwhile, Mitch is putting together the first ever Nothing Nice to Say book collection... only he's redrawing every single strip. I swear, sometimes these guys make me feel like the biggest slacker in webcomics.

My guest strip for Scary Go Round went up yesterday! If you missed it, you can catch it now by clicking the link below:

Sam Logan

Jun 8, 2005

The world loves us and is our bitch

Whoops! Sam and Fuzzy passed the three-year milestone a few updates ago, but I was so busy with the move that I totally forgot about it. But I promise you, the 500-comic milestone will be impossible to miss. I've been working towards that sucker for ages!

John is running my third Scary Go Round guest strip on Thursday. It took some serious effort, but I think it turned out fairly well. John is a tricky man to fill in for, and it's not getting particularly easier with practice!

Sam Logan