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X-Per-S Yourself, Pt. 5

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Jun 29, 2005

It's all used up, you went and used it up

Yes, it's true: in three days our two latest shirt designs will no longer be available to order. Can't Dance -- the more popular of the two -- may return again in time for the holiday season, but I'm almost certain that the Chompy shirt is permanently going the way of the... uh, dinosaur. Either way, if you'd like one of these shirts now is the time to order. I won't even have any of these particular designs available at the Comic-con booth. (Although I will have plenty of the others!)

The season finale of the Justice League animated series made me giddy. (I gather it doesn't air in the United States for a few weeks yet, so I'll keep this light on spoilers.) From what I hear, some of the show's fans really didn't care for it, and I guess I can understand why. Yes, it was another Batman-centric episode and yes, it did feel more like a finale for Batman Beyond than it did for Justice League. But with the curtains closing on the Timm-crafted DC animated universe, I am really glad they visited the "Beyond" continuity one last time. It was really the only way to provide the same sense of closure for his character that they did for the other League members in the previous Justice League episode. We don't want to leave these characters without knowing they're going to be OK, and because we'd seen how dismal Batman's distant future was going to be, this episode was what it took. Plus, the closing reference to the very first Batman episode made a great bookend.

It's almost kind of too bad that Justice League got picked up for another season after all. They really did plot out a great place to close this season. I hope the next episodes don't bugger it all up!

Sam Logan

Jun 27, 2005

The almighty dollah

Boy, am I sick. I managed to pull myself away from the bed for long enough to update the site, but judging by how wobbly I'm feeling right now, I'm thinking that might not have been the best idea.

Enjoy the comic! Hopefully I will be in good enough health to return with another on Wednesday. Pray for Mojo!

Sam Logan

Jun 24, 2005


Man, Comic-Con! This is the first year that I've ever been an exhibitor, and let me tell you: next year, I'm making a website to help explain all this stuff to any new exhibitors who are as confused then as I am now. It's an adventure in form-filling. And not the good kind of adventure.

Webcartoonists like to talk about how great it is to be free of restrictive print publishers and greedy newspaper syndicates. I know I do, at least. But generally, we don't like to talk about the downsides. I love the internet as much as the next online artist but let me tell you: don't write off working with a publisher unless you want to do their job yourself. Webcartooning doesn't eliminate the business end... it makes you the business end. And sometimes it's a pain in the business end, if you know what I mean.

I've just been thinking about this a lot lately, partially because of all the recent debate about making a living through webcomics, and partially because of my experience registering to collect Canadian sales taxes. I love this job like crazy, and I've never hesitated to tell aspiring cartoonists to get online. But you know... once your site gets rolling, a good part of the job is spent filling out forms and juggling numbers around in Excel. It's never bothered me, but I have a reasonable amount of natural apptitude for that kind of thing. What if I didn't? Would I be so quick to tell folks that they don't need the syndicates anymore? Food for thought!

Sam Logan