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Box Car, Pt. 2

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Nov 4, 2002

Well, it looks as though whatever was wrong with the server this morning has worked itself out. Here's today's strip... sorry for the delay!

I had a little more time than usual to work on the comic this week, and as a result, completed five strips and scripted another nine. It is always reassuring to know that it is my busy university schedual, and not my lack of creativity, that forces me to update only twice a week.

Sam Logan

Nov 1, 2002

Well, I know that this is the spooky season, and all, but I don't have any special Halloween offerings for you (at least, not this year!) If you still haven't filled your scare-quota, I'd check out John A's Scary-go-round. The only thing creepier than the content is how damn good it is. Aw yeah.

I have had an interesting few weeks of discussion with the Martlet, and when I use the word "discussion" here, what I mean is "me sending them angry e-mails and no one receiving them." For the last few weeks, Sam and Fuzzy has run in the Martlet (which, by the way, is the University of Victoria student newspaper) without the website URL. I assumed they were removing it from the image I was sending them, so I sent them an email asking them to stop it. And then another, and another, and another. The comic kept running without the URL. SOOOO, finally I got really annoyed and sent them a particularly slanderous e-mail last week. Unfortunately, this seems to have been the only one of mine that they ever received. So, now that I was done looking like a total ass, they politely informed me that the images I had been sending them were in the wrong format, so they had just been printing the versions that you all see here on the site (which don't have the URL in them.) Oops. Anyhow, it should all be straightened out for next week's paper... I'm just glad everything finally got sorted out.

There were far too many children this Halloween. I don't think I have any candy left for myself!

Sam Logan

Oct 28, 2002

Sam Logan