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The Illusion of Progress

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Nov 11, 2002

This Friday will mark the 50th Sam and Fuzzy strip. This hardly counts as a significant milestone, but it does make me happy to know that since this site was started back in May, I've managed to stick to my schedual of two strips every week, and gain some kind of readership in the process. Anyone who has enjoyed the comic so far can rest assured that I have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

Sam Logan

Nov 8, 2002

Sam Logan

Nov 4, 2002

Well, it looks as though whatever was wrong with the server this morning has worked itself out. Here's today's strip... sorry for the delay!

I had a little more time than usual to work on the comic this week, and as a result, completed five strips and scripted another nine. It is always reassuring to know that it is my busy university schedual, and not my lack of creativity, that forces me to update only twice a week.

Sam Logan