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Territorial, Pt. 10

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Sep 5, 2005

Look out for the signs, and then I feel a little bit better

Whew! Why do I always leave all the coding to the last minute whenever I put new things up for sale in the shop? I always underestimate how long it takes. But it's done now, and many new items are available for your immediate purchase and reasonably timely aquisition.

If you visited me on the last day of the San Diego Comic Convention, you probably saw the original pencil scrawl of the No One Wants to See That shirts. I guess my mind was in a filthy place at the time. But if you spent that many hours sitting next to that smut-peddler Jeph Jacques, you'd wind up the same way. But that said, weeks later I still can't shake the feeling that this is the best t-shirt idea ever. Hopefully many of you will have the same brain problems.

I think I should warn you that the books are probably going to go fast. Because of sales at the convention, I've only got #87 through #200 left. I can have more printed if demand calls for it, but the books I have for sale now are your only chance to get one of the original, first-printing numbered editions that I made for Comic-con. If this is a kind of thing that you care about, move fast!

Sam Logan

Sep 2, 2005

Wokka wokka wokka

Don't be fooled by our most recent comic's archive number... today is not the 500th Sam and Fuzzy strip! It is the 500th time I've updated the website. But some of those updates were guest strips, Christmas specials and other irregular programming. By my count, the 500th strip will land on November 30th. So I'm afraid today is nothing to celebrate. But it is, at least, the day before my birthday!

It looks like I will be able to keep my promise: new Sam and Fuzzy swag is still on track to launch next week. Comic-con books, Can't Dance t-shirts and the secret new shirt will be available for order on Monday. Anticipate!

Sam Logan

Aug 31, 2005


Shido and Evin -- two regs on the forum -- have been working on a surprisingly thorough set of digital Sam and Fuzzy Magic: The Gathering cards. I readily admit that I have only a passing familiarity with the original card game, so I have no idea how well these would actually work "in game." But I still enjoyed them, and I think you might too... although I will warn you that a few of them won't make sense if you don't frequent the forums regularly!

Shido and Evin are about as hardcore as Sam and Fuzzy fans come. I think Shido is the only person who has ever actually framed a Sam and Fuzzy print. I got to meet him in person this year through the miracle of Comic-con. I think we got along surprisingly well considering we disagree on just about every social and political issue either of us can think of!

Sam Logan