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Oct 5, 2005

For a nickle bribe

My inbox tells me that folks are starting to recieve the books and t-shirts ordered during the preorder campaign a couple of weeks back. It's always nice to hear back from people who have ordered things... especially if they send photos of themselves with their gear! Everything about running a mail-order business is so intangible... it's really nice to see actual human beings holding the items that I have hurled blindly into the workings of the postal system.

I could also use some new product photos for the t-shirt shop, so if you've got a decent camera and a hankering for 15 minutes of internet fame, now is the time to spring into action!

Sam Logan

Oct 3, 2005

The ghosts of you and me

Wow, there's a real Sin City kind of inking thing going on in that second panel, isn't there? It wasn't an intentional reference, but I guess when I think "strip club", I subconciously think "Frank Miller." Now that's the kind of association an artist aspires to! But you earned it, Frank. You earned it.

I don't think I could have asked for a better Firefly film than Serenity. I'm sure it was no small task to compress the major events planned for several TV seasons into one workable film, but Wheadon did an admirable job. Like a lot of the show's fans, I hope that this becomes the first film in a franchise. But if this was the last time I'll ever get to see the crew in action, it was a more-than-worthy send off. Slick!

Sam Logan

Sep 30, 2005

Well... well you can't

Every last book has been mailed, and that is one big load off my mind. Not to mention my bookshelf. Now all I need is for my Amazon-ordered copy of We Love Katamari to get here. I actually preordered it, but I guess Amazon ran short of copies or hit some other kind of delay or something. But all the other webcartoonists are talking about it and I am feeling very left out!

Oh well. On the bright side... Serenity today!

Sam Logan