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Nov 25, 2002

Work work work! Not much to say, except be sure to check out the new System of a Down CD that comes out this Tuesday!

Sam Logan

Nov 22, 2002

Sam Logan

Nov 18, 2002

Rants are a little light for the next couple of weeks as I slog my way through term papers. Still, three public service announcements for you:

An Invader Zim Christmas special will be airing on... you know, that "Nick" channel, on December 10th, I believe. Of course, we don't have Nick where I live, but that didn't stop me from watching the rest of the show, and it probably won't stop me now. Thank Atheia for the internet!

The Queens of the Stone Age are GOOD.

Actually, there is no third announcement. These things just never sound right unless they are in threes.

Sam Logan