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Whatever Happened, Pt. 3

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Jan 13, 2006


It's a double feature today... in addition to part 3 of our current storyline, we've got a special bonus guest strip from my Dayfree Press comrades at White Ninja!

"Sam," you say, even though I can't hear you, "Why didn't you run the White Ninja comic last week with all the other guest strips?" That's a good question. I really wish I had a smarter sounding answer than "I saved the file in the wrong directory." Kent and Scott got me their strip in plenty of time for O-GAWD, but because I'm forgetful and disorganized, it never got put into the queue and didn't appear on the website.

Until now, that is! Enjoy the brilliant randomness that no other pair of cartoonists can do better. And to Kent and Scott... sorry for the delay, guys. I'm a bonehead.

We return on Monday with Part Four of Whatever Happened to Sam and Fuzzy. See you then!

Sam Logan

Jan 11, 2006

Advance cassette, I just can't believe it

Lance and Alexa's first encounter took place during the Friday Night storyline, beginning with this strip here and continuing over the next few that follow it. Today's comic takes place nearly a year later, which is probably why Lance and Andrea don't remember the meeting in question. But Alexa... well, let's just say there are two ways for someone to leave an impression that long-lasting. Lance probably chose the wrong one.

In other news, I just finished designing a new website for KNOW. Can you tell I did it? You probably can. Web work is not really my area of graphic design expertise, but I thought this one turned out ok! After all, it could be worse.

Sam Logan

Jan 9, 2006

Molly said she oughtta leave you in the ground

Thank you once more to all the good friends and great artists who helped fill in for me over the last couple of weeks. You guys are AWESOME.

Today we have the first part of a six part story ominously (and misleadingly) titled "Whatever Happened to Sam and Fuzzy." This is the spiritual successor to all those long-form Christmas specials that I've done every year. I figured no one would realize that unless I came right out and said it, since A) it isn't Christmastime, and B) the comics have been so long lately anyhow. But other than that, it's exactly the same! And it continues on Wednesday, so tune back in then.

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5. Marijuana

4. Crack

3. Caffine

2. Pain

1. Crowbars

Sam Logan