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Roadies, Pt. 3

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Feb 24, 2006

EDIT: Wow, I totally spelled "Noosehead" wrong in the last panel of today's strip. Exciting times, publishing on the intertron without an editor!

Fixing this is going to require editing the actual artwork, so it's going to have to wait until tonight. In the meantime, please imagine that I know how to spell.

Knowing is half the battle

Do children's shows still have segments like these?

When I was a kid, about one in four cartoons would end with something like "Noosehead Says." I guess it made sense with shows like Care Bears, but on most programs these educational moments seemed totally out-of-place and bizarre. Your favourite characters would spend a good 20 minutes trying to convince you to purchase their ancillary toy line, and then about 30 seconds teaching you about handgun safety or used drug needles. It demonstrated a very interesting balance of priorities.

My favourite was the segment at the end of Sailor Moon. Since the original Japanese show did not have these educational tidbits at the end, they had to assemble them by cutting and pasting random footage from throughout the series. I wonder who got paid to scour through the Sailor Moon archives, searching for that one video clip that best said "watch out for child molesters."

(Also, if you were an 11-year-old who'd never seen anime before, you'd have watched Sailor Moon too so shut up!)

Sam Logan

Feb 22, 2006

At feet no longer there

In my few free hours I'm slowly tinkering away at the new website layout. I've always rather liked this one, so I'm being especially picky about what I choose to replace it with.

I'm doing this mainly for structural desires, rather than visual ones, so you don't need to worry about me adding rainbow colours or animated GIFS or anything. The new website will be in keeping with the visual "style" that I've got going now, but with some new elements added and some old elements shuffled around a bit.

It should be pretty neat. I just wish I knew when the heck I'd get it done!

I really couldn't help but notice that, when I mentioned my book in a rant last week, it resulted in a massive sales spike. Thanks, guys! I'll do my best not to abuse this newfound power.

Book book book book book book!

Sam Logan

Feb 20, 2006

Fire eye'd boy give 'em all the slip

Why haven't I posted my top ten albums of 2005 yet? We're already well into February! At first I was delaying my selection because I had to catch up on a lot of records that I hadn't gotten around to listening yet. But now, I'm just stalling because I can't come up with a full list of ten albums. I keep stalling out at nine... there just wasn't another album last year that I enjoyed nearly as much as the nine listed below (in no particular order):

Broken Social Scene - "Broken Social Scene"

Ben Folds - "Songs for Silverman"

Spoon - "Gimmie Fiction"

The New Pornographers - "Twin Cinema"

Beck - "Guerro"

System of a Down - "Mesmerize"/"Hypnotize"

Deathray - "Believe Me"

Franz Ferdinand - "You Could Have It So Much Better"

Gorillaz - "Demon Days"

I guess it's ten if you count both discs of the System of a Down double album. Or, you could make it ten if you included The Go Team's "Thunder Lighting Strike," but that was really a 2004 album that just took forever to get an official release in North America.

But heck, what does it really matter anyway? I am just a man with a website, recommending some tunes that I enjoyed. I guess nine albums is probably good enough!

Sam Logan