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Roadies, Pt. 8

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Mar 8, 2006

Here's to the message you made of me

I had a lot of fun putting together today's strip. There's not a lot of call for these sorts of comics in Sam and Fuzzy, mind you. But whenever I get the chance to draw a happy, comfortable couple just goofing around with each other, I always have a good time doing it. I guess deep down inside, I'm actually a huge sentimental mush-bag.

Wait... did I just admit that to thousands of internet readers? No, of course I didn't. That was a typo. What I really meant to say was... I love violence. Also, conspiracies. And that's precisely why the special two-hour presentation of 24 on Monday was so awesome.

We're now exactly half way through the show's fifth season, and it still shows no signs of dropping the ball. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Watching the show, you really get the impression that the story is actually going somewhere definite... that the writers actually have a plan and aren't just making it up as they go and padding it out with lame filler subplots. Everything is tying together so well, it is vaporizing my memories of the fourth season's abysmal midsection and so-so ending. This year, they are on fire!

Sam Logan

Mar 6, 2006

No one ever felt too blue,

Chopping off a hand or two,

Filling crates with gerbil goo,

Those were the daaaayyyysss!

That's to the tune of the All in the Family theme, of course! NOW I'm dating myself. Dating myself to an era in which I wasn't even alive. Bam!

In other news, Claire's frightening Pokemon ebay auction closes later today. I will sleep soundly tonight, knowing that the evil will soon be purged from our household. But hey, maybe you like evil. And at these prices, you'd have to be crazy not to!

I'm sorry. For a second there, I was channeling a dead used-car dealer!

Sam Logan

Mar 3, 2006

She's no steppin' stone, she cuts you to the bone

I've been talking a lot about new albums this week! It just seems like a lot of my all-time favourite bands are unleashing new material at the same time. First Danko Jones, then Zebrahead... and now, The Living End! Unfortunately, the new Living End record is the one album out of the three that I have yet to hear. Their records always take forever to get released in North America, and I haven't found any kind of substantial online preview audio either.

But hey, it's the Living End! They have yet to release a bad album, so what the heck... I'll recommend picking up this album even though I have no idea what's on it. I guess I'm ready for a career in music journalism now!

The Living End "sound" is sort of a cross between early ninties pop-punk like old-school Green Day, and rockabilly bands like the Stray Cats. In your minds ear, try to imagine heavy, abrupt punk anthems played with an accoustic bass and blistering boogie-woogie guitar solos. How can you not want to hear that? If there is a way, I don't want to know about it!

Anyhow, if you're new to the band, there are three stellar albums to catch up on while waiting for the fourth to drop in North America.

Sam Logan