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Happiness, Pt. 2

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Mar 22, 2006

Coming to get you

Today's random humour is a little less random if you've read these strips.

I have a pair of webcomic recommendations for you all today! I'm almost certain that Rob and Elliot will appeal to many Sam and Fuzzy fans... especially those of you who enjoyed the earlier strips. The gags are clever and the artwork is purdy. Meanwhile, the Gloomy Nancy archive is slowly filling up with charming tales from the far-off land of Toronto. It's a great read, provided you read from the beginning!

In other webcomic happenings, Jeff's new Wigu book is finally available! Check out the online archives of Wigu past, and you will soon see why you need to get in on this new print action.

And hey, if you like comics in books, I have a book, too. It amazes me how many of my readers continue to be surprised by its existence. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a gigantic blinking banner ads? Or maybe a flash version, where you have to try and click a frantically moving image of my wallet with a pile-of-money cursor. That would be AWESOME! I'll get my marketing staff on it right away.

Sam Logan

Mar 20, 2006

An evil koala

Do any of the hardcore animation nuts in the audience know when I'll finally be able to buy the 2-disc special edition of Lilo and Stitch? It was originally scheduled to come out alongside the 2005 direct-to-video sequel, but as of today it still hasn't turned up in North America. It is available in Australia and the UK, but I can't find any word -- official or rumoured -- on a release date for my home continent.

Come on, Disney. I don't care about Bambi II: Revenge of Thumper or Lilo and Stitch 2: Electric Direct-to-Video Boogaloo. Give me the original, special edition goods! Also, put out a DVD collection of the Hercules animated series. That show was awesome. James Woods!

Sam Logan

Mar 17, 2006


Word is just starting to trickle in about Pixar's Cars, which had its first advance screening a day or two ago at ShoWest. Everything I've heard so far has been positive. And you know, I want it to be good, I really do. I love Pixar, I love John Lasseter, I love the whole world-populated-by-cars concept... but I swear on a stack of comicbooks, I absolutely can not stand Larry the Cable Guy.

The film is supposedly about a big city racer who learns some important life lessons from a quaint, rural community. Cliched, but I can handle that. But what I don't think I can handle is seeing the admirable folksy wisdom of small town life represented by a comedian who is famous for portraying a racist redneck asshat. Was it opposite day in the casting department? I know it's just an act, and maybe that's not the persona he's going to employ for this film, but you have to wonder. After all, they're crediting the persona -- "Larry the Cable Guy" -- as the name of the actor playing the part! Sigh.

Sam Logan