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Happiness, Pt. 4

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Mar 27, 2006

Trading places

Am I the only one who is seriously disturbed by the latest PvP storyline? To summarize for the non-readers, the story began with the "old switcheroo" plot... Brent and Skull switched bodies. That's not the disturbing part, though. (Unless you are really frightened by cliches.) The disturbing part was when Skull, trapped inside Brent's body, inadvertantly had sex with Brent's girlfriend.

It's being played for laughs, with Skull is too innocent to understand what happened, and Brent concerned that his own usual performance doesn't meassure up. But, um, I'm just freaked out because Jade was just completely violated. I realize that Brent and Skull didn't intend to take advantage of Jade, but they did, and now that they have they don't seem to be taking it very seriously. The comic just appears to be treating the whole event like a big joke, like it doesn't really matter that Jade was just decieved into sleeping with someone.

What do you guys think? Am I just being touchy? Maybe I am. But the whole thing just feels really wrong to me. It actually makes me wish that Kurtz would pull out another lame story cliche... "it was all just a dream."

Sam Logan

Mar 24, 2006


So, the Nintendo Revolution will offer downloadable Genesis and TurboGraphx 16 games, as well as games from past Nintendo systems? Hot! I know there are a few similar pay-per-download gaming services out there already, including Microsoft's Live Arcade for the Xbox360, but none of them can really compete with a catalog like this. With thousands of games from multiple consoles, manufacturers and eras, this is starting to sound like a retro-gaming version of iTunes.

I had no idea Nintendo was going to take this Virtual Console business so seriously! Although it does make you wonder... will more retro game studios get on board? Will other consoles be supported as well? Will any brand new titles be offered through the same service? And most importantly, how much are they going to charge per download?

I want to believe that they'll be sensible about the pricing, but we are talking about a company that charges $20 Canadian for a single classic NES title re-released for the Gameboy Advance. But lately, I've been feeling fairly good about Nintendo, especially when I see things like this. I really want to believe that they won't screw this up. Do you hear me, Nintendo? I want to believe!

Sam Logan

Mar 22, 2006

Coming to get you

Today's random humour is a little less random if you've read these strips.

I have a pair of webcomic recommendations for you all today! I'm almost certain that Rob and Elliot will appeal to many Sam and Fuzzy fans... especially those of you who enjoyed the earlier strips. The gags are clever and the artwork is purdy. Meanwhile, the Gloomy Nancy archive is slowly filling up with charming tales from the far-off land of Toronto. It's a great read, provided you read from the beginning!

In other webcomic happenings, Jeff's new Wigu book is finally available! Check out the online archives of Wigu past, and you will soon see why you need to get in on this new print action.

And hey, if you like comics in books, I have a book, too. It amazes me how many of my readers continue to be surprised by its existence. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a gigantic blinking banner ads? Or maybe a flash version, where you have to try and click a frantically moving image of my wallet with a pile-of-money cursor. That would be AWESOME! I'll get my marketing staff on it right away.

Sam Logan