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Happiness, Pt. 10

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Apr 10, 2006

Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner

Longtime readers will almost certainly recognize Carlyle, the cab driver "appearing" in today's comic. You don't really need to know any more about him than can be gleaned from the last two comics, but if you're up for some extra credit reading, you can see all of Carlyle's past "appearances" by clicking here.

That's all for now! I'm feeling a bit exhausted after spending the whole weekend working on comics, guest strips and YES Mag illustrations. I spent more hours working than I usually spend on a pair of weekdays! It was obscene. I don't think there was a single waking moment over the last two days in which I was not clutching a pencil, pen, mouse, eating untensil, or toothbrush.

Man, you've always got to brush your teeth, I don't care how busy you are.

Sam Logan

Apr 7, 2006

I go where I am needed

I'm having a lot of fun watching all the contest entries roll in. You should check them all out. And then, you should make one yourself. Because it's fun! Don't you like having fun? Of course you do.

You might have noticed that the Dayfree Press banner that usually displays on my front page has disappeared. Unfortunately, we are having a few technical difficulties with Dayfree's domain name right now, and they're preventing the banner from displaying properly. With a little luck, everything will be up and running again soon!

I'm hopelessly hooked on Kirby's Canvas Curse. I know everyone gets excited about Mario Kart and Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime: Hunters, but as far as I'm concerned, Kirby is the DS's killer app. The stylus-driven control system is nothing short of brilliant! Not to mention instinctive. And addictive.

Sam Logan

Apr 5, 2006

Broken every bank and every bone

So, the first season of Batman Beyond has finally been released on DVD. That's old news, I suppose, but I only just got my copy in the mail! I really loved this show... it took a really lame sounding idea and crafted it into one of the coolest, most original "elseworlds"-styled Batman tales ever.

Seriously! I can picture the network executive meeting in my head right now. "We love Batman, but... uh... can you make him younger and hipper?" No true Batman fan would ever want to see a TV show designed to answer that question. But "Batman Beyond" surprised everyone -- or me, at least -- with its interesting premise, well-realized title character, rich universe and impressive original rouges gallery. And that's not even mentioning the really slick art direction, featuring some pretty incredible character design work from Bruce Timm and Shane Glines. (Shane is an incredible artist! I would link you to his website right now but it is totally full of naked ladies and you just can't take it!)

Maybe it did originate as a marketing-driven attempt to create a younger, cooler Batman, but the end result was still pretty neat. I mean, it could have been much worse. It could have been The Batman.

Sam Logan