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Apr 14, 2006

A party of polaroid friends

Man, I go and draw John a nice guest strip and how does he thank me? By stealing my contest idea! Well, OK, he didn't so much steal the idea as come up with it independently. Also, the contest was never actually my idea at all -- it was Claire's. But other than that, I am outraged! I'm totally going to tell him about Tony Almeida's mind control spores.

Speaking of the contest, it is rapidly coming to a close! Next Wednesday is the final day for submissions -- you have until midnight PST, on the dot. So please... read the rules and then enter this sucker! Don't miss out on your chance to compete for our fabulous prizes. If you do, you'll wind up kicking yourself. Kicking yourself like a horse!

A horse named... Hidalgo.

Sam Logan

Apr 12, 2006

We walked the earth, we talked and never spoke a word

Did you see the guest strip that I have running over at John A's Scary Go Round? It's there... really! I sent it to his screen. There's no time to explain. You have to trust me.

For this year's guest strip, I decided to give the SGR audience the one thing they've been dying to see since the strip began... hardcore nudity! Am I misleading you? Of course not. OR AM I? No! (Yes.) You can view my comic by clicking the graphic below:

John is a nice man who shares my passion for 24. But it's kind of tricky to talk to him about it, because they're about a thousand episodes behind over there in England. It's hard not to let a few spoilers slip, like how President Logan is actually a member of a race of alien pod people.

Whoops! Sorry John.

Sam Logan

Apr 10, 2006

Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner

Longtime readers will almost certainly recognize Carlyle, the cab driver "appearing" in today's comic. You don't really need to know any more about him than can be gleaned from the last two comics, but if you're up for some extra credit reading, you can see all of Carlyle's past "appearances" by clicking here.

That's all for now! I'm feeling a bit exhausted after spending the whole weekend working on comics, guest strips and YES Mag illustrations. I spent more hours working than I usually spend on a pair of weekdays! It was obscene. I don't think there was a single waking moment over the last two days in which I was not clutching a pencil, pen, mouse, eating untensil, or toothbrush.

Man, you've always got to brush your teeth, I don't care how busy you are.

Sam Logan