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Kick-off, Pt. 3

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May 5, 2006

The princess is in another castle

I was sort of excited about this newfangled Sonic game until I heard about the new storyline they've created. From the 1up preview:

The game takes place in the human water city of Soleanna, home of Princess Elise who bears a potentially powerful secret. Dr. Eggman, having somehow discovered this secret, kidnaps the princess, and her rescue attempt falls in your hands.

Sigh... Princess Elise. Sonic was one of the few classic platforming franchises that wasn't saddled with some creaky plot about abducted princesses. (In the games, at least.) I know they're trying to reboot the franchise with a new storyline, but couldn't they have come up with one that wasn't so tired? I'm sick of rescuing princesses in video games. Let them rescue themselves!

And why are we still romantisizing absolute monarchies, anyway? They're bad! I don't think I can take another book or movie about a predestined monarch struggling to take their rightful place on the throne. Don't we like democracy anymore? If Sonic really wants the princess to rule, he should ask Sega to make a campaign donation. Or maybe he could engage in a little speedy ballot fraud. I would totally play that game!

Sam Logan

May 3, 2006

A little money hidden in my shoes

Malcolm, the conspiracy nut in today's comic, appeared once before way back in the Behind the Music storyline. If that story was before your time here, you should go back and check it out! It is basically the starting point of the latest "phase" of Sam and Fuzzy.

Starslip Crisis has been really great lately. I never expected it when I started reading the comic, but it looks like Straub is slowly builidng up a rather complex, perhaps even epic long-term story arc behind all the jokes. I guess not everyone likes to see that kind of shift in their gag-a-day strips, but if you've read Sam and Fuzzy for the last couple of years, you know I totally dig it. Woo!

Sam Logan

May 1, 2006

The Able Baker

Whoop! I forgot to mention that I did a short-and-sweet guest strip for my buddy Jim at Able and Baker last week. You can read the strip right here. I hope I didn't break his reader's hearts with that comic. It was the first good idea that came to my mind! I wonder what that says about me?

Three new brains are being been homoginized into the Dayfree Press hybrid mind this week: Liz Greenfield of Stuff Sucks, and Chris Hastings and Kent Archer of Dr. McNinja. I am seriously excited to have them aboard, and if you have read their comics before, you know precisely why! We're still putting the finishing touches on their banner code, but expect to see their shiny advertising graphics appear on all the Dayfree member sites in the very near future!

Sam Logan