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Kick-off, Pt. 5

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May 10, 2006

How hot is a typical lightning bolt?

Working for a pair of children's magazines is fun! Not to long ago, I finally got to fulfil a longstanding childhood dream: designing a set of real trading cards! (Sort of.) The physical cards themselves are a promotional item being given away as at children's summer camps, but I've created some digital versions that you can view online as well. You can view the YES Mag cards here, and the KNOW cards here!

I'm sorry to say that I'm not in a position to give anyone these cards myself, so please don't ask! But if you dig them, or know a younger person who would, I'd definitely check out the magazines themselves. The cards are very representative of the kind of stuff you'll find in a typical issue of either magazine. That was kind of the point, really!

Sam Logan

May 8, 2006


New or forgetful readers might need to be reminded why Earl has gotten so excited!

I've grown very attached to my Plaid Edition Sam and Fuzzy books. But alas, our short time together is at an end. The one-of-a-kind red and blue books have been shipped off to our fanart contest winners, complete with kilted Fuzzy sketches on the inside cover. Still, let's take one last look at them before we say the final goodbye...

Click here to see the full colour image

Sam Logan

May 5, 2006

The princess is in another castle

I was sort of excited about this newfangled Sonic game until I heard about the new storyline they've created. From the 1up preview:

The game takes place in the human water city of Soleanna, home of Princess Elise who bears a potentially powerful secret. Dr. Eggman, having somehow discovered this secret, kidnaps the princess, and her rescue attempt falls in your hands.

Sigh... Princess Elise. Sonic was one of the few classic platforming franchises that wasn't saddled with some creaky plot about abducted princesses. (In the games, at least.) I know they're trying to reboot the franchise with a new storyline, but couldn't they have come up with one that wasn't so tired? I'm sick of rescuing princesses in video games. Let them rescue themselves!

And why are we still romantisizing absolute monarchies, anyway? They're bad! I don't think I can take another book or movie about a predestined monarch struggling to take their rightful place on the throne. Don't we like democracy anymore? If Sonic really wants the princess to rule, he should ask Sega to make a campaign donation. Or maybe he could engage in a little speedy ballot fraud. I would totally play that game!

Sam Logan