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Kick-off, Pt. 9

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May 19, 2006

Run desire run

I think it was Tom over at Theater Hopper who once said that my comic artwork always looks like I must have been grinning while I was drawing it. He was totally right. I love it when the story demands a strip like today's. Any excuse to really get in there and draw some stuff is an excuse work taking. Drawing stuff is awesome!

It's a long weekend for me this week, and I fully intend to spend it designing shirts and playing New Super Mario Bros. I've only played the new Mario game for a couple of hours so far, but the new overworld theme music has already stuck in my head for days.

Sam Logan

May 17, 2006

Thatsa so nice

I did a guest strip for my man Fred over at Hate Song. If you were reading this space a few weeks ago, you may remember that I was really struggling to come up with a good idea for this one. I think I did OK in the end, but by a total fluke, my strip turned out almost exactly the same as one that Joe Dunn did. Clearly, there is only one explanation for this... Joe is an incredibly powerful psychic and a filthy theif. I would be angry with him if I didn't love Coffee Achievers so much.

Anyhow, please go check out my deja vu guestwork over at Hate Song. And be sure to congratulate Fred, who now has a tiny new mouth to feed in his life. (And I don't mean he grew an extra one on his back.)

Based on the emails I've gotten, it looks like the most in demand t-shirt ideas are the Noosehead tour shirt, the When will society stop oppressing me shirt, and the Cannibal Pride t-shirt. I will do my best to get these ready as soon as I can!

Sam Logan

May 15, 2006


This week, on Sam and Fuzzy: Problems.

I am busy trying to decide what kind of extra material to put in the next minibook. The bulk of the book will collect strips from the Behind the Music, Roadies, Happiness and Kick-off storylines. (Collected together, it should read fairly nicely as one big story!) But like the previous book, I'm going to include around 8 pages of brand new material. I'm just not sure what it is going to be yet!

What would you like to see most? A few Skull Panda strips? A short story about a particular character or characters from the regular comic? Some original one-page gag strips? Something else? Give me an email and let me know!

I'm also hoping to launch some new t-shirts next week! I haven't finalized which ones I'll do for sure, but here is the working shortlist:

Cannibal Pride (With a very proud image of Fuzzy and his tofu leg)

When will society stop oppressing me with its unattainable standards (Still not sure what image to pair with this one!)

Have You Seen This Man? (With a mugshot of Sam)

Noosehead tour shirt

Skull Panda Loves Houseplants (Based on Friday's Skull Panda comic)

I make this stuff for you guys, so by all means, weigh in!

Sam Logan