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Problems, Pt. 6

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Jun 16, 2006

Pressure builds till it breaks the dome

So, did you hear about what is happening to Spider-man? (In the comics, at least.) It's pretty bizarre, even in the world of desperate comic book sales stunts. If you don't mind having the events of Civil War issue two spoiled for you, you can click here and see for yourself. Newsarama was nice enough to hide the information behind a spoiler warning. I wish I could say the same for most other news sources. Yeesh! Anyhow, I actually think this has the potential to spark some pretty interesting stories, but I imagine it will be retconned out of existence long before they do. Such is the way of most super hero "shockers," after all!

Today is really, truly the last day to order a t-shirt two pack, a Skull Panda Head shirt, an I'm Capitalism shirt, a non-green Cannibal Pride shirt, or a hoodie or babydoll in any design. I know not all of those things are listed in the banner graphic above (there wasn't really enough room), so I'm running the full list in this space instead!

Sam Logan

Jun 14, 2006

C is for cookie

Today's late update is brought to you by: a computer that won't turn on! (Also, the letter B and the number 7.) Everybody thank Claire for letting me borrow her machine in this, our time of need. *Applause!*

Many shirts will be disappearing from the shop this Friday. If you want a t-shirt two pack, a Skull Panda Head shirt, a I'm Capitalism shirt, a non-green Cannibal Pride shirt, or a hoodie or babydoll in any design... now is the time to order. Pow!

Sam and Fuzzy has once again been nominated for the Web Cartoonists' Choice Award for Oustanding Black and White Art. My heart goes out to you, the annonymous but apparently very dedicated contigent of webcartoonists who keep nominating me in this category every year. You guys are great. Comics like mine don't tend to bring home a lot of awards, but just getting the nomination always gives me a smile and maybe a vain little ego boost. Thanks!

Sam Logan

Jun 12, 2006

Killed by a cellular phone explosion

This Friday (June 16th) will be the last day to preorder a shirt. That means that after Friday, the I'm Capitalism and Skull Panda Head designs will go back into retirement, as will hoodies and babydoll ts in all the designs. Everything else will remain available in t-shirt only, including the new Noosehead and Cannibal Pride designs. (Although I'll have to pick just one colour of Cannibal shirt... probably green!)

As for the books, I'm going to do the draw for the original cover artwork on the 25th of June. So, if you'd like to enter the draw, please place your order sometime before then!

Sam Logan