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Jan 1, 2003

Sam Logan

Dec 30, 2002

Well, here we are. The last update of 2002, and I nearly missed it because of a power failure. I have never seen it this windy in my home town. I can actually feel the floor of my house move when the wind blows... and the floor is below ground level!

Many of you will be celebrating the new year this week, but not I. I'm living on the metric calendar. Celebrating New Years every 1000 days is a little difficult, what with it occuring at different times of the year and all, but I try and make do.

Sam Logan

Dec 26, 2002

UPDATE: A website redesign removed the ability to click the comic itself to read the special, so instead:

Click here to Read "Christmas of Terror"!

I have binders and binders full of old Sam and Fuzzy material drawn in this style. Normally I wouldn't post it here, but after looking over this particular story, I decided it still stood up well enough to run in place of a regular strip. If nothing else, it will at least give you an idea of how much my art has changed in only two short years.


An astute reader has observed that Sam's sister and her girlfriend, Susan and Carol, have the same names as two of the characters from the Friends tv show. I'm not entirely sure how I managed that one. Sam's sister was already named Susan; I guess when I was trying to make up a name for her girlfriend, my subconcious instinctively made me rip off Friends. I'll just do what most artists do, and call it a "homage."


Last chance to read the Terrible Christmas Special! Well, not really. But this is the last time I'm gonna plug it on the front page! Just click the image below.



Hope you all had a good holiday season! Back to business as usual next week... see you there.


Sam Logan