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Sam's Story, Pt. 4

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Oct 2, 2006

Smokes and booze

Tony Esteves has a new Cigarro and Cerjeva book out. It's a hillarious comic with a great bold art style, and it looks especially spectacular in print.

There is also a small guest strip from me in there that looks somewhat less spectacular because I got the resolution wrong. But it still turned out pretty good, I think, and it's stuffed in a book full of comics that are even better! So check out Tony's site, read a few strips and see if his book would be up your alley. Soon he may be your second-favourite Canadian black-and-white cartoonist.

(But hopefully not your first! *cough*)

Sam Logan

Sep 29, 2006

Stabby stabby

Until recently, the "next gen" of video game consoles was seriously underwhelming me, both in terms of graphics and in terms of actual games. But have you seen this new gameplay footage of Assassin's Creed? Now that's what I'm talking about!

It's great to see some visuals that are as impressive in art direction as they are in technical prowess. And more importantly, it's great to see the more powerful processor being used to open up new kinds of gameplay, as well as beefing up graphics. The crowd interaction looks amazing, if perhaps a bit clunky at this stage.

The crazy sci-fi element exhibited by the game menus just seals the deal for me. This is officially the first non-Wii game of the next gen that has me excited. Let me know if you find it interesting, too! (Or alternately, if you think it looks terrible.)

Sam's Story continues on Monday. See you then!

Sam Logan

Sep 27, 2006

Live the life you're dreaming of

In all my weepy sentimentality, I forgot to mention my new White Ninja guest strip in Monday's post! This is a damn shame, because I think it might be the best guest strip I have ever drawn. It may well be the greatest comic of all time. Just click the image below to see for yourself.

I swear, White Ninja must be the funnest comic in the world to draw... so much so that I can't even describe the sensation without making up imaginary words like "funnest." The strip I did last time was fun to do, too, but this time I think I got a lot closer to whatever mysterious force possesses Scott and Kent when they draw the comic. It was scary. I felt like a god.

Sam Logan