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Sam's Story, Pt. 7

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Oct 9, 2006

Animals eat bananas

Today's comic brings "Sam's Story" to a close. I know, I'm ending a story on a Monday. But I am an interwebs cartoonist. I can break all the rules, baby!

Anyhow, I hope this little flashback was an enjoyable narrative breather for you all. (Because now it is straight back to the stomach-churning terror.) Our next story arc begins on Wednesday, and much like "House of Cards" it is a potent mix of action, drama, comedy, tragedy, conspiracy, sarcasm and mafia ninjas. See you then!

Sam Logan

Oct 6, 2006

Worse for wear, but I'm wearing it well

From the dark ages.... Sam's First Beard: A Tale in Four Parts. Time seems to have given Sam a more realistic perception of its merits... sort of like how you feel when you look at those yearbook photos of yourself with the wifebeater and the "awesome fro".

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! And tune in on monday for shocking developments. (Maybe.)

Sam Logan

Oct 4, 2006

She wore a ribbon on her left manolo

It was very hard to draw today's comic! Every time I tried to draw a heart it kept coming out as a skull instead. I'm sure that means something, but I don't want to know what.

Are you going to be at Sakura-Con next April? Because I will be! My arch-nemesis Jeph and I will be sharing a booth and doing some "educational" panels. My panel will be dedicated to educating people about Jeph. (Or more accurately, Jeph's many crimes against humanity.)

Finally, I want to point you towards the video for weird Al's Close But No Cigar. The song itself is a bang-on pastiche of Cake, but the real star is the animated video directed by John K. People who use Flash to create actual short films (as opposed to online content) need to watch this and learn a valuable lesson... that Flash is not an excuse to avoid using actual drawn animation.

Look how beautiful this thing is! Now imagine how much worse it would be if it consisted entirely of still drawings and motion tweens. Don't let that tweener be you. Actual animation is awesome!

Sam Logan