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Rigor Mortis, Pt. 10

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Nov 1, 2006

Dial tone

At this point, Sam is probably practically yearning for the days when no one ever called his cell.

Scary Go Round is really fun this week, especially if you have previous digested the comic's entire archive. John Allison is a man who knows the secret to writing a great suprise-character-unveiling. Kiefer must have sent it to his screen.

Sam Logan

Oct 30, 2006

Low-bow-toe-me lane

I was introduced to a great band called the Yoko Casionos when they opened for Sloan last Wednesday. They're a killer powerpop band that's also suprisingly adept at kicking out a solid dub track now and then. If you live in Canada you can buy their new CD, and if you don't you are out of luck, Charlie! (Unless it is on iTunes or something.)

Want to celebrate Halloween with a Mickey Mouse cartoon that scared little children? In the mid ninties, Disney took a (single) stab at making new Mickey Mouse theatrical shorts -- probably as a result of losing the right to make more Roger Rabbit cartoons. The end result was Runaway Brain, an "edgier" Mickey cartoon that is really surreal to watch. You can see it right here.

Disney didn't release this thing on home video for a long time, and even when they finally did, it was only in a DVD set marketed towards hard-core collectors. I think someone must have realized that maybe, just maybe, making a cartoon that trained little kids to scream in horror at the sight of Disney's second favourite children's cash cow was a bad business move.

Sam Logan

Oct 27, 2006

The good in everyone

I saw Sloan in concert on Wednesday. The venue kind of sucked and the crowd was a little trying at times -- who the hell moshes at a Sloan concert?!? -- but the band was on fire. I thought these guys were great the first time I saw them, but Wednesday's show blew that concert completely out of the water. About ninety percent of the music they played was drawn from the new album, and you could tell by the energy they put into it that they were really thrilled to be playing it. I guess the band is as happy with their latest material as I am!

After much toil and indecisiveness, the new website design is done. I've finished all the layouts, written all the new content and passed the whole sucker on to codemaster Ashton for optimization and php-ifying action. I'm hoping it will go live in the next couple of weeks. It will look quite different from the site we have now, but I think you will like it!

Sam Logan