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Rigor Mortis, Pt. 12

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Nov 6, 2006


For the record, I will not be making a t-shirt like that available on the site. (Ever.) But I do have a few other new designs that will be debuting next week. I think you will like them, especially if you are a fan of Butcher. (Or robots.)

The first Sam and Fuzzy book will also be back, in time for anyone hoping to nab it as a Christmas present. I've been sold out of these for quite awhile, but I've ordered a third printing and should have them in my hands soon!

Sam Logan

Nov 3, 2006

A great place for architects and debutantes

You know, John K's blog is the kind of place where you can watch a man rant on for pages about sunset colours, or read an interview with a guy who painted backgrounds for 30-year-old Yogi Bear cartoons. And what kind of place is that, exactly? A kind of place that is endlessly fascinating to extremely nerdy artists. (Read: me.)

Speaking of art, a new book is coming out that collects -- among other things -- nearly all of the artwork Jamie Hewlett and his team have done for Gorillaz. Definitely worth picking up if you want to see some really amazing cartoons!

Sam Logan

Nov 1, 2006

Dial tone

At this point, Sam is probably practically yearning for the days when no one ever called his cell.

Scary Go Round is really fun this week, especially if you have previous digested the comic's entire archive. John Allison is a man who knows the secret to writing a great suprise-character-unveiling. Kiefer must have sent it to his screen.

Sam Logan