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Nov 10, 2006


I love you, Spider-man.

Next week... a brand new Sam and Fuzzy Store! New t-shirts, new babydolls, new hoodies, a new book printing, and plenty of new artwork and art prints will be available to you... the consumer.

I always liked that word, "consumer". It makes it sound like you are going to eat whatever you're buying.

Sam Logan

PS: Do not eat anything you buy from my site.

Nov 8, 2006

Those pushed will always say they fell

The fine folks at ZeStuff, online repository of all things nerdy and purchasable, are now stocking the Noosehead book!

Ze Stuff handles t-shirts and books for webcomics like VG Cats. They also sell game consoles, video games, tabletop games, and all sorts of other paraphernalia with the word "game" in the title. And now, if you are eager to order any of the above, you can also plunk one of my books into your order.

Long story short, there are now two places where you can get the Noosehead book online... here, or there. Of course, eventually I hope to expand that sphere of opportunity to include every website that has ever existed, or that ever will exist. But hey... baby steps!

Sam Logan

Nov 6, 2006


For the record, I will not be making a t-shirt like that available on the site. (Ever.) But I do have a few other new designs that will be debuting next week. I think you will like them, especially if you are a fan of Butcher. (Or robots.)

The first Sam and Fuzzy book will also be back, in time for anyone hoping to nab it as a Christmas present. I've been sold out of these for quite awhile, but I've ordered a third printing and should have them in my hands soon!

Sam Logan