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Rigor Mortis, Pt. 17

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Nov 17, 2006


Tune in next time for the shocking conclusion bypassing of this week's cliffhanger!

Also tune in for the brand new Sam and Fuzzy website, which will finally launch on Monday!

Have a happy holiday weekend, Americans! Do not let yourself be swept away by the season's relentless tide of rampant, unbridled consumerism. (Unless, of course, you would like to do that here!)

Sam Logan

Nov 15, 2006

Flow, flow, flow pancreatic juice, flow, flow into the duodenum

Yikes! I just noticed the word "hilarious" has been mispelled in the banner above the comic since Monday. I have fixed the mistake now. I hope that didn't put anyone off of the design. Please rest assured that on the actual shirts, the word "hilarious" is spelled as it is in the pictures in the shop... correctly.

Something I forgot to mention in this space on Monday is the new Custom T-shirt Three-pack option that is now available in the shop. With this offer, when you buy three t-shirts -- any three, new design or old -- you save nine dollars. When people are actually willing to buy three whole pieces of clothing from you, it is a good idea to be nice to them!

Folks seem to be warmly embracing these new designs, which is quite validating considering how weird they all are. There's no real science to this, after all... I just design the kind of shirts that I would like to wear and hope I'm not the only one!

Sam Logan

Nov 13, 2006

Even Rocky had a montage

What's worse than when one of the killer ninja assassains on your trail finally uncovers your location? Answer: when both the killer ninja assassains on your trail uncover your location.

The new shop is up and full of spiffy new items! We have the Overkill is One of My Many Modes shirt -- inspired by everyone's favourite NDA-enforcing robot. We have the My Cat Dreams of Spatulas shirt -- based on the now-classic Butcher strip. (edit: And now, that link now actually points to the right comic.) We have the Obtuse Reference shirt -- which isn't based on a particular comic, but was heavily requested ever since I made a joke about it in this rantspace. And finally, we have the Original Mini-book, which is back in print at last!

You'll probably notice that the shop has been upgraded to the new site layout. Unfortunately, the rest of the new site is not quite ready yet. But I was able to get the shop done because it is a technically seperate entity that could code it myself. It doesn't look exactly the same as the rest of the site, but it does use a similar visual style. So, consider it a "sneak peek" into... the world of the future.

Sam Logan