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Regicide, Pt. 7

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Dec 11, 2006

Bunnies like t-shirts

T-shirt 3-packs are only available for five more days. Be aware! Be safe.

Meanwhile, in other webcomic news... Minus exists, and in doing so is fantastic. Little Gamers has released a brand new book -- this time in full colour. And last but definitely not least Niego returns today, after a hiatus that went on for much too long.

It's the internet! There are things on it!

Sam Logan

Dec 8, 2006

Book 'em

The first Sam and Fuzzy book is now officially back in stock. Yes, the third printing has arrived, and I have mailed out all the pre-ordered copies. I'm really happy to have it back in stock... it was constructed to serve as an introduction/greatest hits for the strip, after all!

I think that I will probably discontinue the t-shirt 3-pack next Friday. So, if you are interested in picking one up, you have exactly one week left to do so!

Sam Logan

Dec 5, 2006

Everything had changed, everything was strange

Next time: comics.... on the internet!

It seems that lately, the only webcomics I've been directing you towards are the same usual suspects I'm always plugging. So here's a new one (for me): Dresden Codak! I don't even have to tell you why I like this comic. Just look at it! Look at this intense bear chase, or this epic conflict, or this incredible homage to A Lesson is Learned. I can actually feel the author having fun just by reading it. And so will you! (Maybe.)

Sam Logan