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Regicide, Pt. 10

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Dec 18, 2006

Christmas in Ignace

"That time of year" is almost upon us, I know. So once again, I find myself linking you to the Sam and Fuzzy holiday e-cards that were created a couple of years ago. They probably still work!

Today is the last day to order t-shirt 3-packs... for real this time!

Sam Logan

Dec 15, 2006


I am going to be completely away from computers and the internet for the next few days. So, Ashton has rigged up an automatic updating system that will run the website in my absense! If all goes according to plan, a brand new comic will go up on Monday without any trouble. However, if something goes horribly awry and a comic does not appear, you know why. But really... what could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, because I'm not going to be around to make any changes to the shop page, I've decided to extend the t-shirt 3-pack offer until Monday, instead of ending it tonight. Sorry to have spooked anyone into ordering a day or two earlier than they would have liked!

Sam Logan

Dec 13, 2006

So much for rock and roll

For the love of something, everything, anything... do not buy the new Gameboy Advance version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Words can not even describe it. (Not that I'm not going to try.) Slowdown, frame rate problems, animation errors, bogus collision detection, wacked out physics... a million problems were somehow added into a game that already worked. It may be the most broken port ever released by a mainstream games publisher. At this point, if you told me they included a hidden shoe attachment in the cartridge so the game can kick you while you are playing it, I would believe it.

Three days left to order t-shirt 3-packs! After that it's going back into the "great store ideas that are not especially viable financially" folder, where it can live on alongside the 12" crystal Butcher figurine and the autographed Sam and Fuzzy personal tank.

Sam Logan