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Guest: T Campbell and Gisèle Lagacé

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Dec 29, 2006

Today's strip by Penny and Aggie's T Campbell and Gisèle Lagacé

You may have seen T's writing and Gisèle's artwork in other webcomics, too, but Penny and Aggie is my favourite of both their works. Sure, it juggles dozens of plotlines and a seemingly never-ending supply of new characters. But hey... you guys read Sam and Fuzzy. You can handle it!

The second half of O-GAWD 4 begins on Monday. Woosh!

Sam Logan

Dec 28, 2006

Today's strip by Dr. McNinja's Chris Hastings and Kent Archer

Chris and Kent are overly qualified for ninja comic production. Dr. McNinja must be seen to be believed. It's difficult to describe its quality with mere words. I think Josh came up with the closest approximation: "face-meltingly awesome."

Another guest strip lands tomorrow. See you then!

Sam Logan

Dec 27, 2006

Today's strip by Cigarro and Cerjeva's Tony Esteves

Cigarro and Cerjeva is a great strip. It's also one of the very first webcomics I ever read! Little did I know that one day I would get to see Tony's take on my own characters. Pretty cool, huh? The internet really is useful for more than just bomb-making instructions and walrus porn.

Our cavalcade of guest material continues tomorrow. See you then!

Sam Logan