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Guest: Ryan Estrada

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Jan 5, 2007

Today's strip by Ryan Estrada

Ryan's incredible guest strip is an obscure continuity marathon. I'm not even going to try to link to all the relevant past strips. If you are a long time fan, consider today's strip a special treat that only you can understand! And if you are a newbie... well, I hear that scratching your head now and then is good for the scalp.

Today may be Friday, but there is actually one more guest strip to go! Tune in on the weekend for the final comic of O-GAWD 4. As for me, I'll be back with more comics of my own on Monday. Rock!

Sam Logan

Jan 4, 2007

Today's strip by Questionable Content's Jeph Jacques

Jeph may be the Lex Luthor to my Superman (or at least, my Jimmy Olsen), but you can always count on him whenever you need a hilarious guest strip.

Here are some other things about Jeph that you can count on. Jeph Jacques ate all the chocolate out of your neopolitan ice cream. Jeph Jacques stole your lunch money in fourth grade. Jeph Jacques does think you look fat in that dress. And despite how his last name sounds, Jeph Jacques is not French. He just wishes he was.

Another guest strip lands tomorrow. See you then!

Sam Logan

Jan 3, 2007

Today's strip by White Ninja's Scott Bevan and Kent Earle

Years of insanity practice over at White Ninja have left Scott and Kent well prepared to tackle everyone's favourite alternative cartoon character. You'd never guess such nice guys would be capable of this kind of inspired depravity. (That's a phrase you can use to describe most cartoonists, incidently!)

Our next guest strip arrives tomorrow. Be there.

Sam Logan