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Pyjamas, Pt. 2

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Jan 17, 2003

Empire of darts

I have created a brand new banner ad for the site. Check out this sexy beast:

In other news, I just heard a cover of the Nine Inch Nails tune, Hurt.

By Johnny Cash.

I don't know how I ended up here, but I sure hope this alternate dimension also has brocolli that tastes like chocolate.

Sam Logan

Jan 15, 2003

It all comes back again

I inadvertantly thought up the idea for this particular series of comics (this is part one of four) one time when I was trying to make a joke in a pestering email to John Allison. This is the true joy of writing a comic strip: looting your real life for comic material. Suddenly, your life becomes one giant research project.

Maybe I should do a three week series about Sam and Fuzzy going to Hawaii. I think I could stand to do a little research like that.

Sam Logan

Jan 13, 2003


It has been great to see more people emailing me and/or joining the forum to talk about the strip. I'm glad that there are people reading this damn thing who aren't either my real life friends or my Mom. (No offense, friends and Mom.) Keep spreading the good word, friends! I'd stop saying that, but every time I do say it readership seems to jump up another twenty people. I'm thinking I finally have enough readers so that next month I can participate in the high drama that is the Top Web Comics online ranking, but more on that as we get closer to the start of February.

I've updated the cast section to include the fridge and the cat. Just in case, you know, you need to be reminded of who they are or something.