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Feb 3, 2003

If it ain't broke


Oooooookay. I think Top Web Comics is back up and working after all, although the service may still be a little bumpy. Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know. At the time of this update, Sam and Fuzzy is ranked 26th.... please keep it up guys!

For the sake of posterity, today's original newspost (and subsequent edits and updates) is preserved below:

Well, thank you so much for all your support, guys! Turnout for the first few days of the voting campaign has been excellent. Unfortunately, Top Web Comics decided to celebrate my entering into the running by breaking down horribly.


Well it looks like TWC is up and running again... so please, vote, vote, vote! Help increase readership! Support the community! Sleep well at night!

*edit, again*

I've removed the vote banner, because it looks like TWC has bought the dust permanently. Years from now, we will fondly look back on this brief time from January 31st to February 2nd of 2003: the lost, but never forgotten "TWC" era of Sam and Fuzzy. Alas, those sweet days are gone now. You can't get the hours back.

See you all on Wednesday!

Sam Logan

Jan 31, 2003

Democracy in action

As you can see, there is now a big grey button above the comic commanding you to vote for me at Top Web Comics. *edit* Well, there was. Now there is a big black banner UNDERNEATH the comic. I was indecisive, OK? Anyhow, Obey the banner. You cannot possibly comprehend the power it wields.

Seriously though, voting for me at top web comics is a great way for you to show your appreciation (assuming you have any) without actually dropping any money. Please help keep this site alive and growing by taking a few seconds to vote whenever you visit the site. Ranking at TWC equals more readers, which equals more comics, features, and other cool stuff.

Thanks, guys!

Sam Logan

Jan 29, 2003

And when I update it goes a little something like this

When I look back at some of the older Sam and Fuzzy strips, I'm reminded that Sam wasn't always such an emotional basket case. This is the great thing about drawing a comic strip like this... you can actually see your characters evolve right in front of you. The more I have exposed Sam to Fuzzy's madness, the more unconfident and self-doubting he has become. It's like I'm destroying his life.

I got kind of depressed about this realization, but then I had a cookie and felt better.

I'm sure I've mentioned the Queens of the Stone Age before. When I first heard their new album last fall, I decided that they were, in the words of my generation, "the bomb." Well, I just picked up Restricted, their previous album, and I now realize that, in addition to being the bomb now, they also were the bomb then, and indeed may very well have always been the bomb.

Bomby bomb bomb bomb bomb!

Sam Logan