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Isla de Ladrones, Pt. 8

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Aug 8, 2007

I like pie

If you've been reading this comic for awhile, you may remember a since-defunct comic called Skirting Danger that I used to plug repeatedly. Well, a short time ago, Meredith returned to the web with a new comic, Octopus Pie, and from day one it has been almost painfully good. (When you are a cartoonist yourself, most great comics are painful in some way or another.) I think the odds are high that you will enjoy it!

The new print is selling at a brisk, but not insane, pace. About half of the copies I had have already sold. On my end, that's not too shabby at all! And on your end, that means there is probably still a reasonably comfortable window in which you can secure one of the remaining copies... if that is your desire. I will update the store page to warn when supplies are almost out.

Vancouver residents, prepare yourselves... thanks to the fine folks at Anime Evolution, Claire and I will be returning to your shores imminently.

Sam Logan

Aug 6, 2007

Other books in the Ninja's Guide series:

The new print goes on sale today at 11 AM PST. (You can use this thing if you need help converting that to your local time zone.) I have exactly 70 left, and to be honest I have no idea how long it will take for them to sell out. I guess we will find out!

Sorry about all the downtime the Sam and Fuzzy website has experienced over the last couple of days. We had a couple of issues with our nameservers that have since been resolved. Do make sure that you did not miss Friday's comic... it did go up as scheduled, even if you were not able to see it at the time!

In other news, did you know that Girly is updating again? Because it is, and like a boss revealing its true final form, it is now gigantic.

Sam Logan

Aug 3, 2007

Fruit of the Ninja Loom

They chafe!

Since I've been back from San Diego, a few of you have emailed to ask A) are there any of the new numbered prints left, and B) will I be selling them on the website. The answers are yes and yes, respectively!

The remaining prints will go on sale on Monday at 11 AM, PST. I'm launching them midday, rather than the previous evening, so that I will be awake to keep on eye on the sales and make sure I don't accidentally sell more copies than I have left. (There is probably a way to script an automatic shut-off after a certain number of orders but I assure you I have absolutely no idea how to do it.)

By definition, this is a limited-run item that can't be reprinted, so I wanted to let everyone know in advance exactly when they will go on sale. If you want one, plan accordingly! And if you don't want one, feel free to purge all of the above information from your brain. You can use that space later for something else!

Sam Logan