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Feb 10, 2003

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I happened to stumble across this website on Saturday. Basically, it's a site devoted to quite a few cartoonists from my neck of the woods... British Columbia! You may have heard of this province from such news stories as "BC Premier gets Blotto in Hawaii," or "BC Premier is Really Terribly Sorry About Getting Blotto in Hawaii."

Anyhow, Bent Comics is full of lots of good comics and comic type things. Some of them have run in the Martlet in the past. You may have heard of the Martlet for publishing such news stories as "BC Premier is Antichrist for getting Blotto in Hawaii."

Yes, I am just kidding. Those newspaper types can be so sensitive!

Sam Logan

Feb 7, 2003

Copying is a form of flattery

First of all, VOTE VOTE VOTE. Sam and Fuzzy needs about double its current votes in order to crack the base of the top ten. I know there are more than enough of you readers to accomplish this, so pleeeeze give me a hand! I'll be your friend.

In this weeks issue of the Martlet, the University of Victoria's student newspaper, a comic was printed that parodies all of the other comics in the paper, including Sam and Fuzzy. I don't normally read the Martlet too closely, but the crudely drawn images of my own characters couldn't help but catch my attention.

At first I was really excited! Kurt Kobain said it best -- he knew that Nirvana had finally made it when Weird Al Yankovic wrote a parody of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Unfortunately, this parody was a serious let-down. First of all, the thing was really a commentary on the entire comics section, and on the Martlet as a whole, so there wasn't exactly too much room to mock me specifically. Secondly, other than some really bad drawings of Sam and Fuzzy, there wasn't really any direct commentary on my comic -- at least not that I could tell. Admittedly, this comic was a tad hard to decipher, as it looked like it was drawn by a team of rabid monkeys. Anyhow, this man's scathing parody essentially consisted of: "Ha ha, you're not funny!"

I was crushed. I mean, where's the EFFORT? Sam and Fuzzy is rife with attributes suitable for parody! Please, people, if you are going to parody me, put some effort into it. Don't just cop out... tell me how you REALLY FEEL.

I'm so disillusioned.

Sam Logan

Feb 5, 2003

Hanging Chads

Top Web Comics is still acting a little flaky, but it is more or less up and running. I think. Anyhow, Sam and Fuzzy is floating around 24th place at the moment, which is a pretty good achievement for four days of voting. Please keep it up! And if you haven't been voting for whatever reason, I would really appreciate it if you did. It really takes almost no effort at all. Plus, you know, you can sleep at night and everything.

School work is really starting to pick up now, but I'm nevertheless managing to continue cranking out lots of new material. I'm working on this TOP SECRET PROJECT that, upon completion, will be by far the most awesome thing on the entire internet. I'd tell you all about it, but... you know... its a secret.

Sam Logan