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Break-in, Pt. 10

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Oct 15, 2007


What's even catchier than Mahna Mahna? Why, Mahna Mahna, covered by Cake. Just click the song's name in the track-listing if you want to have a 15-second melody stuck in your brain from now until the end of time. (And really, who doesn't?)

In other news, I'm in the process of collecting quotes from various printers for my next book. Are you excited? I'm pretty excited! Hopefully, this volume will be up for sale (or at least preorder) before the Christmas holiday hits.

Sam Logan

Oct 12, 2007


These days it really seems like there's not much going on in the world of super hero comics that I really enjoy. But one of the truly exceptional exceptions is Nextwave: Agents of Hate, a recently-wrapped series that mixes equal parts hilarious satire and insane action sequences. Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by the incredible Stuart Immonen, it's a totally overwhelming experience that defies comparison. The closest spiritual kin I can think of is maybe something like Dr. McNinja, but still, you really have to see it for yourself to get what it's all about.

Fortunately, you can do just that... the first several pages are available to read free, right here on the internet! Check it out. It'll kick your butt.

Sam Logan

Oct 10, 2007

A challenger emerges

Sonic in Smash Bros!

I am really surprised. I was so sure that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, with its perfect 50/50 split of the title, cast, and even official artwork, was a sign that the companies' respective legal departments would never accept anything less than perfect equal billing for any crossover game. (Kind of like how Mickey and Bugs Bunny were required to have identical amounts of screentime and dialogue in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.)

But clearly I was wrong! Sonic is going to be one of the many playable Smash Bros. fighters after all. And after seeing how well Nintendo has handled Snake's inclusion, heck... they're almost certain to treat Sonic with more care than Sonic Team has been lately.

Sam Logan