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Break-in, Pt. 15

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Oct 26, 2007

The middle fingers are under the table

Mr. Sin is so forgetful!

A few folks have been asking how long hoodies and babydolls will be available in the new shirt designs . Well, the plan is to keep them on sale until Friday, November 2nd. After that, they'll be toast, as will one of the two Dr. Crab t-shirt colours. (I'm not sure which one... I'll make the decision using the highly artistic method of keeping whichever one is more popular.)

As for the 3-pack, I'm planning on keeping it up until Christmas... but (as probably goes without saying) ordering early is the best way to ensure you get what you want before we run out of stock during the seasonal rush. I'm trying to make sure I have enough of everything, but it is a bit of a hilarious guessing game. Hopefully I've learned something over the last few years!

Sam Logan

Oct 24, 2007

A special message from Dr. Crab

We live in a troubled society. Drugs. Murder. Adultery. Violent video games. POG. And today's parents are expected to raise their children in this environment! I know what a challenge that can be. I know first-hand. (Figuratively.)

But I've also overcome that challenge. (Theoretically.) And now I am here to help you do the same. Yes, there is one person who can help guide you through the hurdles of this crazy world. And that person's name is Dr. Phil Dr. Crab.

How, you ask, can I bring Dr. Crab into my life? How can I help Dr. Crab help me? The answer is simple... by purchasing my officially licensed products. The path to inner harmony is paved with commercial purchases, and my product line consists of only the highest quality... uh... cement. Or bricks. Stones. Whatever makes you want to buy them more.

So remember... I am here to help you! But you need to take the first step. The answer to all your problems, my friends, is in your wallet.

I mean, for now.

-Dr. Crab, "PhD"

Oct 22, 2007


As you can see in the graphic above, new shirts are now on sale! In addition to the insane Ninja Showdown design that I previewed on Friday, I've also put together a special Dr. Crab shirt that I hope will be well received by his many rabid followers. It took a lot of work to make the design appropriately judgmental and surly, but I think I got it. Dr. Crab would approve, if he ever approved of anything.

(But of course, he doesn't.)

I know this is a lot of new stuff, so to help lessen the damage I've resurrected the custom t-shirt 3-pack. Pick any three t-shirts of your liking, and seven dollars will be removed from the final price. (Twelve dollars for our international friends.)

I hope you guys like these shirts! I mean, I'm really happy with them, but happiness alone will not keep you fed and off the street. Unless you are some sort of happiness salesman. Which I am! But only figuratively.

Only figuratively.

Sam Logan